Ethical and Climate Friendly Food Sourcing and Growing, Taunton, Somerset

Ethical and Climate Friendly Food

In the UK, food consumption is at least 30% of our carbon footprint if you include land use change. The UK is committed to 80% carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) greenhouse gas emission cuts by 2050.

Field grown fruit and vegetables tend to have very small carbon footprints and increasing the sector is important for getting more local fresh food into our communities, using urban and urban land for food growing, tackling obesity and employing more growers.

Our Developments

From the outset we have been aiming to develop new quality precision farming products, adapted to changing market requirements. This is achieved through collaborative agreements with national or multi-national suppliers of fertilisers, agrochemicals etc or independently.

Growing Your Own Food

Climate Friendly Food offers opportunities for you, as a grower to:

  • grow low-carbon foods;
  • move away from fossil fuels and become more resilient in the face of peak oil;
  • move towards closed, renewable and community-led food systems;
  • connect to the science of climate change.

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